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Our Philosophy

We strive to create an encouraging, supportive environment where children can explore different activities that are specifically designed to promote their learning.

We offer a school readiness program to help better prepare the children for their next journey in their lives to school. We believe that all children are capable, and we believe in their abilities to be independent in both their own learning, as well as in self care.

We pride ourselves on being a small community. We aim to create an environment that feels welcoming, supportive, and homely to both educators and families alike. Our educators are confident in their ability to design a program that is inclusive to all developmental
stages. The teachers and educators work hand in hand to observe each child and where they are at in their learning journey. All our educators work closely together, and both of our rooms offer the same fortnightly programme but tailor it to the individual needs of the children in each room.

We are passionate about ongoing education and collaborative partnerships in keeping our planet and wildlife clean and safe. Through this we are working with our wider community to repurpose and recycle unwanted materials and furniture. We incorporate a strong holistic approach throughout the centre. Our goal is for every child to have the opportunity to explore theirs and other’s feelings to better understand them in a supportive environment. This naturally flows into each child’s wellbeing; physical, emotional, personal, and
social wellbeing. Our aim is to model and show the importance of reciprocal relationships and partnerships for learning by working together in unity with fellow educators, parents, and the children in our care, implementing their ideas and incite.


We help and support our families in any way that we can to ensure their journey at the Preschool is a memorable one and they feel a lifelong connection with us and the community.

Centre Management:

Hello, my name is Áine. I’m from county Tipperary in Ireland. I have worked in the childcare industry since 2013 and have worked as an Early Childhood Teacher since 2018.


I have experience in many different areas of early childhood, such as Montessori, special educational needs and as an Inclusion Coordinator in Ireland. I believe that each child will learn at their own pace suitable to their own strengths and abilities.


I have a passion for special educational needs which has made me eager to build positive relationships with children, parents, and families which allows children achieve their best with a supportive network behind them.

Opening Hours:

Monday: 7am - 6pm

Tuesday: 7am - 6pm

Wednesday: 7am - 6pm

Thursday: 7am - 6pm

Friday: 7am - 6pm



(08) 9201 2263


15 Euston Street, Wembley Downs WA  6019

Centre Info:

Wembley Downs Preschool

About this Centre

We feel that we have created an environment that is a home away from home, with a unique style and cosy décor that allows children to feel at home while in our care. We have two rooms, the possums and the quokkas with an early childhood teacher leading the curriculum in each room. Both teachers work collaboratively together to deliver a similar programme in each room but allow it to be flexible to cater for the needs of the children in their room.

Our Preschool allows children to truly be themselves, to explore, to learn, to make choices, and to lead their own learning.


We embrace our multicultural community, and we are very grateful to be able to encompass knowledge and language from a variety of areas around the world.

We run a Spanish class once a week in both rooms. Spanish is such a widespread language throughout the world that we feel like it is a language that will be beneficial for children and educators alike to learn.


Nature is a big element in our centre, we use the outdoors as the third teacher and we use upcycled, natural materials to enhance our environments in the indoors too.

Relationships with families

At the preschool we treat our families like our own. We respect ideas and feedback and we are continually trying to be the best versions of ourselves. We have created a can do climate so the children and families feel supported every step of their preschool journey. We send a daily newsletter with the events of the day so that parents have the opportunity to reflect on their child’s day together. Our educators work the same shifts every week so the parents have that familiarity on drop off and pick up.

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