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Our Philosophy

At Wembley Downs Preschool we share a philosophy that based on meaningful relationships with the community, families, fellow educators, and children. We strive to create an encouraging a supportive environment where children can explore different activities that are specifically designed to promote their learning. We know all children have a thirst for knowledge and learning and our role is to foster a supportive and encouraging environment to let them flourish.


We offer a school readiness program to help better prepare the children for their next journey in their lives to school. We believe that all children are capable, and we trust in their abilities to be independent in both their own learning, as well as in selfcare. Our teachers and educators have their own signature pedagogical styles which allows for them to cater to multiple learning styles. Our educators are confident in their ability to tailor our program to be supportive of each child’s progression through their developmental levels. All our educators work closely together, and both of our rooms offer the same fortnightly programme but tailor it to the individual needs of the children in each room. The teachers and educators work hand in hand to observe each child and understand where they are at in their learning journey and how to further their knowledge and skills.

We utilise our outdoor play space as much as possible allowing a flexible routine of indoor/outdoor play. We believe the outdoor area plays the role of the third teacher, we believe our resources allow for multiple uses and allow children to engage in multiple types of play based learning. We know that children thrive in environments that are suited to their interests and developmental stages and that why the children lead any changes made to our environments.

We pride ourselves on being a small community preschool. We aim to create an environment that feels welcoming, supportive, and homely to both educators and families alike. We feel we have created an environment where you instantly feel at home when you walk through the doors. We use upcycled and home style furniture in our play areas to create that sense of a calm homely environment.

We embrace our multicultural community, and we are very grateful to be able to encompass knowledge and language from a variety of areas around the world. We also remember the traditional owners of the land and teach the children in our care  acknowledgment of country, thanking the first Australian people for the land we have inherited and learning language through intentional teaching practices by our educators.

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